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Perseverance Pays Off as Legal Administrative Assistant Finds Work

VV Member Testimonial and perseverance help members find remote work.

As COVID-19 propels remote work to the status of new normal, some workers must channel perseverance to find a job in the super-competitive virtual realm. This was the case for Virtual Vocations member and Arlington, Virginia, resident Veronica Z. In just six months, she was able to find the ideal remote job. While half a year may seem like a lengthy job search, the current job market has dictated such a pursuit. But today, Veronica Z. is a legal administrative assistant at TaskRabbit—a role that gives her unparalleled flexibility and work-life balance.


How Virtual Vocations’s Blog, Company Database, and Email Alerts Helped Start a New Career

Citing a need for work-life balance and higher earnings, Veronica Z. began her search for a flexible remote job. In six months, she landed a job with TaskRabbit as a legal administrative assistant—a position she loves. Innovators in the gig economy, TaskRabbit runs a peer-to-peer marketplace that also matches freelance handy-workers with customers who need their services. Whether someone needs furniture put together, painting, repair work, maintenance work, or household chores completed, TaskRabbit fills the gap between people and workers in the most affordable method possible.

As a legal administrative assistant with TaskRabbit, Veronica Z. is now responsible for working with a corporate affiliate to assemble furniture for TaskRabbit customers on a full-time basis, effectively pairing her experience with a remote-friendly workplace.


Persistence Pays Off

Veronica Z. has less than a year of experience as a remote worker. Yet she found that hard work, persistence, and perseverance in her job search paid off. Plus, her extensive background helped woo her employers. For years, she’s worked in the retail, construction, and legal industries. Moreover, she recently provided order management services to over 8,000 customers in the shipping department of a large retail department store.

But even with an impressive resume, Veronica Z. still found that she had to put her best foot forward. “Prospective employers were not responsive,” she reflects. However, she also stated that Virtual Vocations’s  “email alerts helped me get back on track a lot.” With Virtual Vocations as her partner, she never lost sight of her end goal. The result of new employment speaks for itself.


How Virtual Vocations Helped Veronica Z. Find the Perfect Job

Veronica Z.’s successful experience is similar to many other members of Virtual Vocations. Yet more specifically, the curated, vetted job database was integral to her job hunt. “Virtual Vocations offers an expansive database of virtual jobs posted directly by employers,” she stated, which resulted directly in her finding the ideal position, employer, and company culture. Paired with email alerts to keep her updated and an expansive blog written by experts in the industry, Veronica Z. had a three-pronged attack to find employment.


Virtual Vocations’s Remote Job Database

While many job boards have no particular expertise, Virtual Vocations is geared entirely toward remote and telecommute positions. With over 30,000 job listings currently, the opportunities to land the perfect job are seemingly endless. Furthermore, the vetting process of each job posting ensures that only 100% legitimate jobs ever make their way to the job database. In addition, job searchers can also narrow the scope of their search by utilizing expansive job search filters within the job database. These filters include:

  • Job Category
  • Telecommute Level
  • Location
  • Travel Requirements
  • Education Level
  • Weekly Hours
  • Employment Status
  • Employer Type
  • Career Level
  • Date Posted

By using these filters, jobseekers can find the most relevant positions to further their career aspirations and secure a job in their preferred remote position.


Virtual Vocations’s Company Database

Not every jobseeker has a specific employer in mind when searching for a remote job. But for those who do, Virtual Vocations’s company database is invaluable. Through this company database, members can sift through employers by industry, as well as hone in on the company they’ve always wanted to work for.

For job hunters that aren’t sure who they’d like to work for, the company database still pays dividends. Once a jobseeker has located a specific job, they can conduct research on each company’s specific profile. Not only can they discover all the job opportunities at a specific company, but they also have access to:

  • A company overview
  • A link to the company website
  • Information about the year founded and geographic location
  • Whether the company is 100% remote

Add all of these together, and the Virtual Vocations’s company database is a one-stop-shop to learn everything you need to know about your future employer.


Virtual Vocations’s Job Email Alerts

Due to the sheer volume of job listings on Virtual Vocations’s job database, finding the ideal job can be time-consuming—even by using the appropriate job filters. If your job hunt takes a few months, this can feel time-consuming and cumbersome. Plus, the hot job market for remote workers mandates that you’re one of the first workers to apply to get noticed.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend your precious time going through each job listing. Instead, jobseekers can use Virtual Vocations’s Job Email Alerts. Based on your advanced searches and search history, Virtual Vocations compiles job listing for specific background and criteria. In addition, jobseekers can choose to receive these alerts in their email inbox daily, weekly, or three times a week.


Virtual Vocations’s Expert Blog

With a team of writers that understand the remote industry, Virtual Vocations’s expert blog is one of the top supplemental resources in the remote-work industry. Thanks to relevant, up-to-date, and straightforward content, jobseekers can learn about Virtual Vocations’s services, the latest remote work tips, telecommuting survival tips, and the ins and outs of the telecommuting world.


At Virtual Vocations, we’d love to extend our congratulations to Veronica Z. on finding the perfect remote job! Way to go, Veronica Z! We also hope that her story can motivate our newest, current, and prospective members to land an exciting work-from-home position. The remote world awaits.


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