Remote Work Newbie Creates the Digital Nomad Life of His Dreams

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In only three weeks, remote work newbie, Kenneth N., found just the job he was looking for in order to create the digital nomad life he wanted. Kenneth accepted a job as an Educational Copy Writer for and used the Virtual Vocations job board and services to help him on his remote work journey.

Kenneth’s VV Victory: Remote Work Newbie Creates the Digital Nomad Life of His Dreams

After years spent in research and development in the defense industry, Kenneth wanted to find a new position that would allow him to live the nomad lifestyle that he and his wife had been living for a few years—one that wanted to continue living.

The Digital Nomad Life Called to This Remote Work Newbie

Kenneth had been living the nomad life for three years—traveling and house sitting with his wife—and had tried to find work that would continue to support this lifestyle. He tried many different job search approaches and used all of the standard job search engines in his quest for a remote job, but struggled to find the right telecommuting job.

When Kenneth came across Virtual Vocations, he decided to simply just start tracking the kinds of jobs that were posted for a few months. After seeing the quality of the types of jobs offered on a consistent basis, he finally decided to sign up for himself.

Kenneth readily admitted that some of the jobs he pursued were a “stretch for his capabilities and experience,” but he was surprised at just how many of the jobs he saw were a fit for what he was looking for in his remote digital nomad life. He applied for several positions and was pleased with the lack of scammers that he had gotten used to experiencing on other sites—and was equally pleased with the positive responses he was receiving from employers.

After applying to 35 positions over the course of three weeks, the right employer came through with an offer! The company not only provided Kenneth with the telecommuting job he wanted in order to continue living the digital nomad life but also provided him with the compensation he desired.

How a Virtual Vocations Subscription Helped Kenneth Find His First Remote Job

Once Kenneth did his due diligence and decided to sign up for his own Virtual Vocations subscription, he wasted no time in putting it to work for his job search. Here are the tools and services he put to use:

Virtual Vocations Job Board

The Virtual Vocations job board itself is the main tool used by subscribers. It provides jobseekers with hand-screened telecommuting job leads in more than 40 career categories.

Since the job board features more than 20,000 telecommute jobs at a given time, Virtual Vocations provides a variety of filters to help narrow down your job requirements and ensure that your search is tailored to your individual needs. Those filters can filter job listings based on category, location, telecommuting level, travel requirements, employment status, education level, career level, and weekly hours.

Our expert staff hunts down remote jobs from specialty and industry job boards, blogs, social media streams, and employer websites to provide our jobseekers with the newest job leads available and save them the time it would take to conduct all of this research on their own.

Virtual Vocations then only adds the positions that have been fully vetted by multiple team members and that offer legitimate, fair compensation. This eliminates the frustration of having to weed out commission-only jobs, MLM-type start-your-own-business “opportunities,” or fake job posts created by scammers.

Job Email Alerts

Because Virtual Vocations provides its members access to the freshest telecommute jobs, the email alerts service is a handy way to know when new jobs are posted. The alerts are based on your search history or by using the available filters (job categories, titles, locations, etc.)

This convenient service eliminates the need to spend all day on the jobs database searching for new positions or refreshing the page to be one of the first people to spot a new job opening. And because time is of the essence when searching for a new job, you can choose how often you receive these alerts.

Telecommute Companies Database

The companies database is key for jobseekers like Kenneth who like to do some background research on potential employers. Virtual Vocations’ Telecommute Companies Database contains more than 20,000 profiles of remote employers categorized by industry. It provides access to each employer’s company news, website link, social media accounts, and any current job openings found in the Virtual Vocations job board.

The company profiles also enable jobseekers to get a feel for each company’s culture, provide information on any special details or benefits, and help filter out any potential employers that do not mesh well with their personal career goals and interests. For jobseekers who love to discover little known company facts, these profiles may also include unique company details that could help the remote jobseekers determine if the company is the right fit for them.

Virtual Vocations knows that it takes time and dedication to hunt down the right remote job. There can be hurdles to finding the perfect remote job for you—whether you are a remote work veteran or a remote work newbie like Kenneth. Crafting the right resumé that will get past applicant-tracking systems is one hurdle Kenneth had to get over. And finding the right job board itself can help save you a lot of time. Even then, it’s important to put all of the tools and services to work for you! Kenneth did all those things, and we are thrilled to have been able to help him find the perfect remote educational copywriter job he needed.

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