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Open Remote Jobs: Q4 2022 Remote Job Reports

Examining the best companies, locations, and careers for home-based jobs, our open remote jobs reports for the fourth quarter of 2022 track virtual hiring trends you should not miss. Throughout the quarter, we’ll update this post with additional reporting to fuel your remote job search or provide you with updated remote work statistics for October, November, and December.

For 15 years, Virtual Vocations, Inc. has served as a trusted, comprehensive online database for human-screened work from home job openings, as well as a facilitator for researching remote companies hiring home-based professionals, and a valuable source of career-enhancing guidance and telecommuting support. In addition to curating our job board and providing career services, like resume assessments, resume and cover letter writing, career coaching, and LinkedIn profile enhancement, Virtual Vocations conducts research and analyzes data on remote work statistics and trends.

Our monthly remote job reports present an overview of telecommuting trends, employment statistics, and remote work studies for anyone interested in flexible and home-based employment. Each month, we’ll offer an in-depth examination of Virtual Vocations company data, including details on the best remote-enabled companies, the best remote work locations, and the best remote work career categories. Our monthly reports will also showcase a comparative analysis of remote work data and U.S. jobs news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

December 2022 Remote Job ReportOpen Remote Jobs

U.S. payrolls and wages exceeded expectations in November, spelling more job options and better earnings for Americans.

Virtual Vocations’ December 2022 Remote Jobs Report is an analysis of the state of hiring in the U.S., including the nationwide availability of open remote jobs. We examined the latest in remote work statistics and job trends, as well as U.S. employment data from the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) from November 2022, to determine the month’s best-of lists for remote work employersstates, and industries offering 100% work from home jobs.

November 2022 Remote Hiring Summary

“November jobs numbers brought good news for working families. Job growth has continued to remain stable not only overall in the U.S., but also specifically within remote-enabled job sectors.”

Virtual Vocations - December 2022 Remote Job Report - Open Remote Jobs - Remote Work Statistics and Trends - Data from November 2022

Virtual Vocations CEO and co-founder Laura Spawn is motivated by an increasing trend toward a stable job market that now includes more flexible jobs than ever before. “November jobs numbers brought good news for working families. Job growth has continued to remain stable not only overall in the U.S., but also specifically within remote-enabled job sectors. Also, we continued to see increased growth in career fields hammered by the pandemic. In fact, the U.S. economy has now gained approximately one million more jobs, many of which offer flexibility, than we had prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Remote Work Report Spotlight

“The Research Team at Resume Genius, led by Rebecca Tay (PhD, Johns Hopkins) conducted a survey to better understand the attitudes of American workers toward the four-day work week. And at the heart of this survey was the question: can a four-day work week actually reduce burnout, or is burnout tied to a deeper malaise with working in the U.S. in general?”

Why a 4-day Work Week Won’t Decrease Burnout (Survey Data)

Resume Genius’s researchers polled 500 workers on their opinions about the four-day work week concept and if it would affect employees’ job burnout levels. While the majority of workers favor a four-day work week in theory, Resume Genius found it is not a solution to job burnout because companies value productivity over burnout relief, four-day weeks can increase stress, and burnout is caused by more than long hours on the job. In fact, respondents attributed their top professional burnout to factors to elements unrelated to time: too heavy a workload (47%); stressful relationships at work (32%); and recognizing no value in their work (25%). Read on for additional survey findings from Resume Genius’s new report.

99% of workers like the idea of a four-day work week, but 18% do not believe it will work in practice.

99 %

82% of workers have experienced burnout at their current job, with 16% of workers reporting constant burnout.

82 %

51% of respondents attribute their burnout to “too much time at work.” 

51 %

Employers were approximately 50% more likely to think four-day work weeks won’t work than junior, senior, and manager-level employees.

50 %

BLS Jobs Report Data for November 2022

“Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 263,000 in November, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.7 percent,” according to the BLS. Outperforming estimates of 205,000 new payrolls for October, the U.S. job market exceeded expectations. Treasury yields were also higher and stocks responded positively to the October jobs report. However, all that glitters is not necessarily gold. October also was the slowest paced month for job gains since December 2020.

Image source: U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics

Some of the highest total job increases for November were found in remote-enabled and fully virtual career categories. Select any remote job industry hyperlink below to view fully remote job postings for these trending career fields:

The BLS also published revisions of reported total jobs numbers for previous months. We noted two key changes among monthly jobs data calculated for 2022: adjustments to BLS jobs totals for September and October. New figures decreased total jobs added over this period by -23,000 jobs. The BLS revised down September’s jobs total by -46,000, from +315,000 to +269,000 jobs. For October, however, the BLS revised up total nonfarm payroll employment by +23,000, from +261,000 to +284,000.

Top 10 Employers for Remote Jobs

Fully remote job postings from more than 3,300 remote-enabled companies were posted to the Virtual Vocations job board during November. Below, we have provided an overview of the top 10 remote companies for hiring during the month. These employers alone were responsible for more than 2,800 of the 17,000+ remote job postings that appeared on our job board in November.

Four of the 10 best employers for November open remote jobs—UnitedHealth Group, CVS Health, Humana, and Edward Jones—are also featured on our list of the “Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2022.”

Virtual Vocations December 2022 Remote Jobs Report: An Analysis of Employment Data for November 2022 - Open Remote Jobs with VocoVision, UnitedHealth Group, Google, CVS Health, Humana, DraftKings, Capital One, DoorDash, Edward Jones, Liberty Mutual

Select any of the hyperlinked company names below to view a researched Virtual Vocations profile of that employer. The Virtual Vocations Remote Companies Database, which houses these remote business profiles, is a free resource for remote jobseekers. It is a digital hub including thousands of company profiles for employers known to hire qualified employees and contractors for 100% work from home jobs.

1. VocoVision, Inc. (Skokie, Illinois)

2. UnitedHealth Group (Minnetonka, Minnesota)

3. Google LLC (Mountain View, California)

4. CVS Health Corporation (Woonsocket, Rhode Island)

5. Humana Inc. (Louisville, Kentucky)

6. DraftKings, Inc. (Boston, Massachusetts)

7. Capital One Financial Corporation (Tysons Corner, Virginia)

8. DoorDash, Inc. (San Francisco, California)

9. Edward Jones (St. Louis, Missouri)

10. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (Boston, Massachusetts)

Top 10 States for Remote Jobs

The majority of remote job postings found in the Virtual Vocations database are open to all U.S. applicants, but some remote job openings may be location-specific. Factors influencing the location classification of remote jobs include business travel requirements, company policies, and state tax or employment laws.

Virtual Vocations - December 2022 Remote Jobs Report - Open Remote Jobs - Top 10 States for Remote Jobs - Florida, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Illinois

Virtual Vocations makes easy work of location-based job searches. Our members use Job Search Filters to narrow their search results by criteria like time zoneregionstate, or nationwide hiring. The following 10 states represent the top locations for November 2022 open remote jobs found in the Virtual Vocations database.

1. Florida

2. Texas

3. Georgia

4. North Carolina

5. Michigan

6. Virginia

7. Ohio

8. Arizona

9. Pennsylvania

10. Illinois

Top 10 Industries for Remote Jobs

At any time, the Virtual Vocations job board is filled with more than 15,000 job postings across 40 remote job industries. Categories of open remote jobs range from administrative and case management to investigations and social media. Our top 10 remote job industries list highlighted below is based on Virtual Vocations data from November 2022.

Virtual Vocations - December 2022 Remote Jobs Report - Top 10 Industries for Open Remote Jobs - Information Technology, Healthcare, Marketing, Sales, Financial, Management, Human Resources, Customer Service, Human Services, Project Management

The list below names the best industries for fully remote jobs for the month. If you’re searching for a new remote job, start with these 100% remote career industries that will allow you to work from home without traveling for business.

1. Information Technology

2. Healthcare

3. Marketing

4. Sales

5. Financial

6. Management

7. Human Resources

8. Customer Service

9. Human Services

10. Project Management

November 2022 Remote Job ReportOpen Remote Jobs

October 2022 Remote Job ReportOpen Remote Jobs

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