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Mid-Level and Professional Jobseekers e-Course Overview

Did you know that you can turn your current job into a telecommute career? If you have at least five years of professional experience, you can enter the remote workspace without starting over. However, you need to prepare before you switch gears. Enroll in the Virtual Vocations Telecommute Job Searching for Mid-Level and Professional Jobseekers […]

telecommute toolkit

Telecommute Toolkit: Virtual Vocations Member Benefit Overview

Telecommuting can transform your career from boring to blissful. However, getting started can be intimidating and overwhelming. Fortunately, Virtual Vocations offers a Telecommute Toolkit to help you smoothly switch to the remote workspace. In this article, we explore the toolkit and the benefits that each resource provides. Overview of the Telecommute Toolkit What should you […]

Create a Winning Resumé Virtual Vocations e-Course Overview

Does your resumé need a makeover? Whether you’re new to telecommuting, changing careers, or climbing up the ranks, you need a resumé that meets current hiring expectations. Virtual Vocations offers premium members an exclusive resumé writing e-course to help you get through automated recruiting software and catch employers’ eyes. Create a Winning Resumé e-Course Overview […]

Busting Myths About Virtual Vocations and “Paying for Jobs”

We tell you to never pay for a job, yet offer paid subscriptions to our job search service; what’s the deal? Is Virtual Vocations a scam or is it the best gateway to a prosperous telecommuting career? In this article, we bust a myth about Virtual Vocations and illustrate how our service expedites your job […]

How Virtual Vocations Works: Our Services and Features Explained

Virtual Vocations provides a top-notch telecommute job search service to help you find quality employment. If you’re looking for remote jobs or want to earn income while traveling the globe, we connect you with employers and resources to help you achieve more work-life balance. How Virtual Vocations Works: Our Services and Features Explained In a […]

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I’m an International Jobseeker, Can I Apply to Jobs via Virtual Vocations?

Would you like to telecommute while living abroad? Join millions of international jobseekers in their quest to find the ultimate work-life balance. Do I Have to Live in the U.S. to Apply to Jobs on Virtual Vocations? Do you dream of traveling the globe while earning a steady income and building a professional career? Does […]

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Virtual Vocations Members Give Thanks for Their Telecommute Jobs

Virtual Vocations members agree: our daily updated telecommute jobs database, jobseeker resources, and company directory make remote job hunting easier than ever. As you read these testimonials from Virtual Vocations members who give thanks for their telecommute jobs found using Virtual Vocations services, consider joining our growing community of more than one million jobseekers and […]

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Upgrade Your CV with a Virtual Vocations Professional Resumé Review

Think your resumé isn’t critical to your success? Think again. Before you apply to job openings, submit your resumé for a Virtual Vocations Professional Resumé Review.  A resumé is a vital pillar for your career. It tells the story of your education, experience, and skills. It also demonstrates your ability to communicate meaningful information concisely […]

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7 Best Virtual Vocations Features for Members and Subscribers

Are you looking for a remote or work-at-home job? Are you curious about what Virtual Vocations can do for you? From the Telecommute Jobs and Companies Databases to e-courses, organizational tools, and the blog, we’re highlighting the best Virtual Vocations features.  7 Best Virtual Vocations Features for Members and Subscribers Searching for the right telecommuting […]

Getting Started With Telecommuting: FREE Virtual Vocations e-Course

Are you interested in working remotely, but aren’t sure how to begin? Virtual Vocations can help. Read on to learn more about our latest e-course, Getting Started with Telecommuting. And the best part? It’s free! e-Course Overview: Getting Started with Telecommuting As more companies and professionals transition to remote work environments, it’s exciting to think […]