Top 20 Telecommute Jobs of 2018

Top 20 Telecommute Jobs of 2018

Our list of the Top 20 Telecommute Jobs of 2018 is here. The annual top 20 telecommute jobs report also includes an overview of seasonal telecommute jobs being filled from September to December. 

Top 20 Telecommute Jobs of 2018

To generate our list of the Top 20 Telecommute Jobs of 2018, we looked to our own data on the job search and application trends of Virtual Vocations members as well as to salary and job growth research compiled by websites like PayScale and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

“The average telecommute jobseeker is over 40 years of age with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience working remotely, so it’s no surprise that the best jobs of 2018 reflect many diverse, mid-level career specialties,” said Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations CEO.

When examining our own data, we extracted mid-year records through June 2018 that document the telecommute job fields, from the more than 40 categories of remote jobs accessible in the Virtual Vocations job board, most often applied to by Virtual Vocations members searching for remote jobs. We analyzed the most popular career categories within our job board to determine which telecommute job within each of those industries is the most prevalent for the year.

Each of the Top 20 Telecommute Jobs of 2018 will experience job growth through 2026.

1. Software Developer

Telecommute Software Developers create computer software and applications for a range of industries. Some focus on operating system software, such as Windows and MacOS, while others create software programs and applications like Microsoft Word and Slack.

Median Salary: $103,560

Job Outlook: 24% growth

Typical Requirements: A degree in computer science or a related field is helpful but not necessary. Most employers want proof of programming skills, experience building a project, and the ability to collaborate with a team.

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2. Sales Representative

Remote Sales Representatives help customers purchase products and services. They listen to their customers’ needs, build relationships, and provide ongoing assistance to maintain their customer base.

Median Salary: $21,030 to $98,720 depending on occupation and industry

Job Outlook: 3% growth

Typical Requirements: Many employers do not require prior sales experience and offer on-the-job training. However, more technical and high-end positions typically require a provable successful background in sales and acute industry knowledge.

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3. Nurse

Telecommute Nurses often serve as case managers and coordinate care through telemedicine applications. They may also review healthcare records, provide consulting services, and occasionally visit patient sites. Some prefer to teach as instructors for online colleges or nursing programs.

Median Salary: $70,000

Job Outlook: 15% growth

Typical Requirements: Nurses need an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing, or they can receive a diploma from an accredited nursing program. Regardless of education, all nurses need to be licensed and registered by the state where they practice.

View All Telecommute Nurse Jobs at Virtual Vocations

4. Account Manager

Remote Account Managers nurture long-term client relationships and help their clients leverage products and services to solve problems. They also provide ongoing customer service, training, and product support.

Median Salary: $52,055

Job Outlook: 3% growth

Typical Requirements: Employers prefer sales or account management experience and industry knowledge. Companies in technology, healthcare, finance, and engineering may also look for related education and credentials.

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5. Instructional Designer

Virtual Instructional Designers develop curriculum and training strategies for various learning styles and mediums. They may also report on teaching outcomes and help decision-makers create budgets, training plans, and pilot new methods.

Median Salary: $60,360

Job Outlook: 11% growth

Typical Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in education, training, business, or a related field is usually required. Employers also prefer candidates with teaching or curriculum development experience.

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6. Consultant

Telecommute Consultants provide insight and guidance to help clients make informed decisions and solve problems. They asses their clients’ needs, fill in knowledge gaps, and provide recommendations and related services.

Median Salary: $71,259

Job Outlook: 14% growth

Typical Requirements: Employers expect consultants to be experts in their field with up-to-date industry knowledge and skills. Related education and work history related are also usually required.

View All Telecommute Consultant Jobs at Virtual Vocations

7. Project Manager

Remote Project Managers plan, organize, and facilitate projects from initiation to closure. They also manage daily activities of team members and balance costs, time, and scope constraints to ensure projects are executed as planned.

Median Salary: $71,836

Job Outlook: 2.2 million new jobs annually worldwide

Typical Requirements: Employers typically desire prior experience, but some offer entry-level or co-manager positions. Business education is also useful, and a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a plus.

View All Telecommute Project Management Jobs at Virtual Vocations

8. Interpreter

Telecommute Interpreters translate conversations during meetings, interviews, phone calls, healthcare appointments, legal proceedings, and other real-time events. They may work for government agencies, businesses, nonprofits, or international organizations.

Median Salary: $47,190

Job Outlook: 18% growth

Typical Requirements: Fluency in at least two languages is the most important qualification. Education and work history may be overlooked, but professionalism and great communication skills are essential.

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9. Manager

Remote Managers develop plans, strategies, and budgets to make decisions and lead teams. They help align business objectives with daily tasks and coordinate team members to achieve workflow, revenue, and business process goals.

Median Salary: $46,890 to $139,220 depending on the industry

Job Outlook: 8% growth

Typical Requirements: Managers need expertise in their field and a track record of success. Most employers require at least a bachelor’s degree, but proven skills and management experience is weighted heavily.

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10. Customer Service Representative

Virtual Customer Service Representatives help callers and online users update account information, pay bills, access products and services, and troubleshoot problems. They may specialize in billing, sales, technical, or product line departments.

Median Salary: $32,890

Job Outlook: 5% growth

Typical Requirements: A high school diploma is usually the minimum education required. Good communication skills are key, and employers typically provide on-the-job training.

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11. Teacher

Telecommute Teachers develop lesson plans, prepare learning activities, and instruct online classes – both self-paced and real-time. They also administer tests and report on student progress.

Median Salary: $57,160 for kindergarten and elementary; $57,720 for middle school; $59,170 for high school; and $76,000 for post-secondary

Job Outlook: 7% growth for kindergarten and elementary; 8% growth for middle school; 8% growth for high school; and 15% growth for post-secondary

Typical Requirements: K-12 jobs require a bachelor’s degree and state licensure, and post-secondary jobs require at least a master’s degree. Prior teaching experience is also preferred.

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12. Marketing Manager

Remote Marketing Managers help companies position their products and services to maximize revenue. They perform economic and consumer research, develop marketing plans, and establish pricing schedules.

Median Salary: $132,230

Job Outlook: 10% growth

Typical Requirements: Companies look for prior marketing management experience and a successful track record. A college degree in marketing or business and industry certifications are also a plus.

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13. Writer

Virtual Writers create online content, marketing copy, white papers, and other hardcopy and online publications. Some writers specialize in technical fields, medical writing, proposals, or grant writing while others write unique blog and web content on a variety of topics within their area of subject matter expertise.

Median Salary: $61,820

Job Outlook: 8% growth

Typical Requirements: The complexity of the job dictates educational and industry experience. Some jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree and over five years of technical experience, while others simply require proof of adequate writing and grammar skills.

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14. Business Analyst

Telecommute Business Analysts find solutions to company problems and propose plans to improve processes and systems. They work with other departments and teams to gather, analyze, and prepare information to present to decision-makers and other stakeholders.

Median Salary: $59,329

Job Outlook: 14% growth

Typical Requirements: Business analysts usually need a bachelor’s degree in business or an industry-specific field. Some employers hire entry-level candidates, but many prefer professionals with a few years of related experience.

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15. Fundraiser

Remote Fundraisers help nonprofit organizations earn revenue through events, charitable drives, grants, and networking with potential donors. They may help with marketing and awareness, organizing community activities, and nurturing donor relationships.

Median Salary: $55,640

Job Outlook: 15% growth

Typical Requirements: Professional fundraisers typically need a bachelor’s degree and at least some experience writing grants, planning events, and working with donors to secure funds.

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16. Speech-Language Pathologist

Telecommute Speech-Language Pathologists help individuals improve their speech and language comprehension. They can work with both children and adults through online educational organizations, healthcare teams, businesses, nonprofits, or an independent practice.

Median Salary: $76,610

Job Outlook: 18% growth

Typical Requirements: Speech-language pathologists usually need at least a master’s degree, clinical experience, and state licensure.

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17. Quality Assurance Specialist

Remote Quality Assurance Specialists review and test products and services for accuracy and ease of use. They may also help create testing protocols, analyze and report on results, and offer recommendations to managers.

Median Salary: $55,931

Job Outlook: 10% to 14% growth

Typical Requirements: Some companies require at least a high school diploma, but jobs that are more technical or complex may require additional education and industry experience. Attention to detail, analytical skills, and effective communication are essential.

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18. Researcher

Virtual Researchers provide intelligence so that organizational leaders can make sound decisions. Telecommute researchers often perform online information gathering and reporting, which may overlap with related fields, such as marketing or business analysis.

Median Salary: $53,443

Job Outlook: 23% growth for market researchers

Typical Requirements: Researchers need at least a bachelor’s degree and proficiency in data analysis, communication, and statistical software applications.

View All Telecommute Researcher Jobs at Virtual Vocations

19. Recruiter

Remote Recruiters network and research individuals to fill vacant jobs. They review resumes, conduct initial interviews, and facilitate the hiring process.

Median Salary: $48,169

Job Outlook: 7% growth

Typical Requirements: Many employers offer entry-level positions, but business experience or coursework in human resources is preferred. For executive-level or industry-specific recruiting, employers typically seek more experienced professionals.

View All Telecommute Recruiter Jobs at Virtual Vocations

20. Finance Manager

Telecommute Finance Managers help organizations save, invest, and manage money. They also advise leaders regarding financial decisions and oversee teams of employees.

Median Salary: $125,080

Job Outlook: 19% growth

Typical Requirements: Finance managers need an extensive business finance education and work history. A master’s degree and industry certifications are generally required.

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Seasonal Telecommute Jobs Overview for 2018

Are you interested in earning supplemental income for the upcoming holidays? The end-of-year hiring boom has begun! Telecommute-friendly companies, like HSN, Williams-Sonoma, and H&R Block, are already filling seasonal telecommute jobs.

“Employment in the retail trade industry typically rises in the final months of the year, a time when businesses expect a surge of holiday customers. Seasonal jobs boom at the end of each year as companies need help supporting holiday shopping sprees,” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Tips for Applying to Seasonal Telecommute Jobs

Seasonal workers perform their jobs for six months or less during a typical season (e.g., summer, winter, holidays). They are different from full-time, part-time, temporary, and contract workers and fall under specific federal and state employment laws. Still, you can find seasonal jobs that offer full-time or part-time employment or independent contractor arrangements.

To land a seasonal telecommute job, first choose a job category that matches your interests, skills, and experience. Top seasonal telecommute job categories in the Virtual Vocations job board include the following:

Though hiring needs within these job industries increase in the final months of the year, employers need competent professionals who can learn new technology and processes quickly. Therefore, we encourage you to tailor your resume to the job requirements and emphasize related skills and accomplishments.

If you land a job that you enjoy and would like to continue your seasonal job in the following year, discuss your employment interests with your manager and stay in touch during the off-season. It could be easier to return to the same job every year than continuously apply to new positions. Plus, your employer will likely appreciate the convenience of rehiring someone they’ve already trained.

Start Your Telecommute Job Search at Virtual Vocations

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