Top 100 Telecommute Companies for 2019

Which companies hire the most telecommuters? The employers on our list of the Top 100 Telecommute Companies for 2019! If you want to work remotely, this list of telecommute-friendly companies is the best place to begin. 

Top 100 Telecommute Companies for 2019

Virtual Vocations annually evaluates which companies seek to fill the most telecommute job vacancies. From January 1 – December 31, 2018, 100 companies emerged as leaders in remote hiring across diverse career industries and occupations.

In fact, of the 14,000-plus  business profiles that have been researched, vetted, and organized into the Virtual Vocations Telecommute Companies Database, we found the 100 companies on our list were responsible for more than 45,000 job posts in our remote job board during 2018 alone.

In our Top 100 Telecommute Companies for 2019 report, we emphasized the top 15 companies to watch for 2019 and showcased the remaining 85 employers by industry along with their rank in the top 100. For your convenience, we’ve also created this YouTube video of our report:

Top 100 Telecommute Companies for 2019

1. CyraCom, LLC

Industry: Language Translation

Headquarters: Tucson, Arizona

Founded: 1995

CyraCom, LLC is the nation’s leading language translation and interpretation service provider. Topping our list of annual companies for the first time, it offers phone and video interpretation, on-site interpretation, translation and localization, and assessment and training services for healthcare organizations, customer contact centers, and government agencies. CyraCom ranks as an Inc. 5000 company, is a GSA-approved vendor for federal contracts, and has received numerous awards for business excellence.

CyraCom primarily hires language interpreters for independent contractor positions. Look for job titles like these within the Virtual Vocations Database:

  • Telecommuting Bilingual Greek Interpreter
  • Remote Bilingual Moroccan Arabic Interpreter
  • Virtual Bilingual Zambal Interpreter

Visit CyraCom, LLC’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


2. UnitedHealth Group

Industry: Healthcare

Headquarters: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Founded: 1977

UnitedHealth Group continuously ranks as a top telecommute company and leads the way for healthcare insurance and service providers worldwide. UHG offers insurance plans for individuals, families, employers, and Medicare members through the UnitedHealthcare Health Benefits platform. The company also assists healthcare organizations with analytics, care delivery and management, operations, and advisory services through Optum, its Health Services platform.

Customers in over 130 countries and all 50 U.S. states reap the rewards of UnitedHealth Group’s $3.3 billion investment in innovative technology and network of over 300,000 professionals committed to quality healthcare.

UnitedHealth Group primarily hires healthcare, customer support, business, and information technology professionals for full-time and part-time jobs, as well as independent contractor positions. While searching for jobs in the Virtual Vocations Database, consider UHG roles like:

  • Remote Business Process Analyst
  • Telecommute Health and Social Services Coordinator
  • Remote Clinical Team Manager
  • Virtual RN Clinical Quality Consultant

Visit UnitedHealth Group’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


3. K12 Inc.

Industry: Education

Headquarters: Herndon, Virginia

Founded: 2000

K12 Inc. is a champion of public and private online education. Its team of teachers and administrators offer online lessons, courses, and learning resources to students in kindergarten through grade 12. K12 partners with local school districts to provide alternative, tuition-free public education and extracurricular activities.

This company also offers tuition-based private schooling, early childhood education, and summer school options. Additionally, its Destinations Career Academies and Programs help students excel in technical fields with career-focused subjects and practical training.

K12 Inc. primarily hires teachers and education specialists with state certifications or specified teaching credentials. Most positions are either full-time or part-time, and some require occasional travel or are location specific. If you’re looking for a job in online education, explore these types of K12 positions in the Virtual Vocations Database:

  • Remote Elementary and Middle School Teacher
  • Remote Literary Coach
  • Telecommute High School Biology Teacher
  • Remote Special Education Specialist

Visit K12 Inc.’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


4. VocoVision

Industry: Education

Headquarters: Skokie, Illinois

Founded: 2011

VocoVision provides superior speech therapy services for children through engaging mobile applications and sophisticated telepractice technology. The company offers real-time speech-language pathology treatment programs, video remote sign-language interpretation services, tools for visually impaired students, school psychological services, and remote occupational therapy.

Prestigious organizations such as The American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), The American Psychological Association (APA), and The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) approve and commend VocoVision’s methodology and practices.

VocoVision primarily hires state-certified speech-language pathologists, sign language interpreters, school psychologists, special education teachers, and teachers for the visually impaired. You’ll find plenty of these varieties of jobs in the Virtual Vocations Database:

  • Telecommute Speech Therapist
  • Virtual School Psychologist
  • Remote Teacher of the Visually Impaired
  • Telecommute Early Intervention Specialist

Visit VocoVision’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


5. Oracle Corporation

Industry: Information Technology

Headquarters: Redwood Shores, California

Founded: 1977

Oracle Corporation is a world-renowned information technology company that develops products and solutions related to database management, infrastructure, middleware, cloud services, blockchain, application integration, and much more. The company serves just about every industry and organization size, from small businesses to government agencies, and partners with the world’s leading technology firms.

Oracle helps businesses in over 175 countries with technology challenges and migrations to better solutions. The company also provides comprehensive training and professional certifications in software, hardware, and cloud technologies through Oracle University.

Oracle Corporation not only hires information technology and management professionals but also frequently posts sales and customer support positions. The Virtual Vocations Database includes a variety of job titles such as:

  • Remote Solution Specialist Senior Manager
  • Telecommute Applications Sales Manager
  • Telecommute Software Developer
  • Remote Capacity Planning Business Analyst
  • Remote Pre Sales Consulting Manager

Visit Oracle Corporation’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


6. Kaplan Inc.

Industry: Education

Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Founded: 1938

Kaplan, Inc. is famously known for its college exam preparatory instruction and testing services. It also provides higher education and professional licensing instruction services for students in a variety of fields. Additionally, Kaplan’s in-person and online educators offer continuing education, English language, and degree-earning programs.

Now that Kaplan’s online collegiate education platform, Kaplan University, merged with Purdue University Global, it helps students earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in over 180 disciplines.

Kaplan, Inc. primarily hires instructors, managers, and information technology professionals to fulfill a variety of roles. Examples of jobs found in the Virtual Vocations Database are as follows:

  • Telecommute Senior Learning Technologist
  • Remote Engineering Instructor
  • Virtual Curriculum Content Operations Manager

Visit Kaplan Inc.’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


7. Sykes Enterprises Incorporated

Industry: Customer Service

Headquarters: Tampa, Florida

Founded: 1977

Sykes Enterprises teams up with companies to deliver exceptional customer experiences and build connections between organizations and customers. With over 20 offices worldwide and an extensive remote work staff, Sykes offers round-the-clock customer support through phone, email, self-service, and online chat in over 40 different languages.

This remote-friendly employer primarily hires customer service representatives, however, Sykes also posts jobs for information technology managers and travel reservation agents. Within the Virtual Vocations Database, consider Sykes Enterprises jobs like:

  • Telecommute Bilingual Customer Support Agent
  • Remote Customer Service Representative

Visit Sykes Enterprises’ Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


8. CTS LanguageLink

Industry: Language Translation

Headquarters: Vancouver, Washington

Founded: 1991

CTS LanguageLink offers first-rate translation, interpretation, and audio-video services, which include dedicated project and account managers, subject matter specializations, transcription, voiceover talent, and native linguistic expertise.

CTS LanguageLink primarily hires interpreters and translators. Examples of job titles you’ll find in the Virtual Vocations Database include:

  • Virtual Bilingual Samoan Interpreter
  • Remote Bilingual Armenian Phone and Video Interpreter
  • Telecommute Bilingual Kyrgyz Translator

Visit CTS LanguageLink’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


9. Sunbelt Staffing

Industry: Employment

Headquarters: Tampa, Florida

Founded: 1988

Sunbelt Staffing is a leading healthcare employment agency that matches organizations with top-notch professionals. Sunbelt provides staffing solutions for schools, nursing teams, therapist specialties, allied health organizations, and advanced practice fields. Since 2007, Sunbelt Staffing has earned the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission, acknowledging the company’s commitment to quality.

Sunbelt Staffing primarily hires school psychologists and speech-language pathologists for telecommute roles. Some of the company’s most frequently posted jobs in the Virtual Vocations Database include:

  • Telecommute Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist
  • Virtual School Psychologist
  • Remote Special Education Teacher

Visit Sunbelt Staffing’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


10. Syneos Health

Industry: Healthcare

Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina

Founded: 2017

Syneos Health provides clinical, commercialization, and consulting services such as bioanalytical solutions, medical device and diagnostics research, brand development, policy and advocacy, training, and health economics research. The company leverages its proprietary method for managing clinical studies and implementing commercial solutions to arm clients with a range of cross-functional and therapeutic expertise.

Syneos Health primarily hires clinical managers, medical sales representatives, and information technology professionals. As you scan through the Virtual Vocations Database, be on the lookout for jobs like:

  • Telecommute Associate Clinical Data Manager
  • Remote Medical Advisor
  • Telecommute Pharmaceutical Sales Consultant

Visit Syneos Health’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


11. PRA Health Sciences

Industry: Healthcare

Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina

Founded: 1982

PRA Health Sciences provides state-of-the-art clinical research, diagnostics, and development services, as well as biometrics, laboratory analysis, and strategic solutions. With over 15,000 employees spread out over 80 countries, PRA Health Sciences applies its expertise to thousands of studies worldwide.

PRA Health Sciences primarily hires managers, clinical researchers, and statisticians. During your telecommute job search, you’ll find positions in the Virtual Vocations Database such as:

  • Remote Clinical Trials Project Manager
  • Virtual Senior Biostatistician
  • Telecommute Clinical Vendor Management Manager

Visit PRA Health Sciences’ Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


12. Stryker

Industry: Healthcare

Headquarters: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Founded: 1941

Stryker designs and develops medical equipment and devices that help save lives and improve healthcare quality. The company supplies individuals, hospitals, clinics, and emergency response organizations with patient transport, image-guided therapies, patient room furniture, personal protection equipment, surgery tools, and more. Additionally, Stryker offers repair, service, performance, and reprocessing solutions to its clients.

Stryker primarily hires sales representatives and clinical specialists. Check the Virtual Vocations Database for job titles like:

  • Telecommute Sales Associate
  • Remote Clinical Support Specialist

Visit Stryker’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


13. ProCare Therapy

Industry: Employment

Headquarters: Jacksonville, Florida

Founded: 2006

ProCare Therapy specializes in placing speech-language, psychology, occupational therapy, special education, nursing, sign language interpretation, and visual impairment professionals in school-based positions. It offers career opportunities for students, recent graduates, and experienced workers alike.

ProCare Therapy primarily hires speech-language pathologists and school psychologists for work-at-home roles. During your search for remote positions, look for these types of job titles in the Virtual Vocations Database:

  • Remote School Speech Therapist
  • Telecommute Speech Language Pathologist
  • Telecommute Licensed School Psychologist

Visit ProCare Therapy’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


14. Humana Inc.

Industry: Healthcare

Headquarters: Louisville, Kentucky

Founded: 1961

Humana Inc. is another telecommute-friendly healthcare insurance provider that offers benefits and services to individuals, families, employers, and Medicare members. Humana also specifically supports caregivers with dedicated wellness programs and health initiatives. In addition to medical coverage, Humana provides dental, vision, and pharmacy plans.

Humana Inc. primarily hires healthcare, information technology, and business professionals. Examples of job titles in the Virtual Vocations Database include:

  • Remote Nurse Case Manager
  • Telecommute Utilization Management Licensed Registered Nurse
  • Telecommute Social Worker

Visit Humana Inc.’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


15. ADTRAV Travel Management

Alabama telecommuting job resources

Industry: Travel

Headquarters: Birmingham, Alabama

Founded: 1977

ADTRAV is the go-to organization for business and government travel management solutions. The company offers clients simplified travel planning experiences with cutting-edge technology and superior customer service. With agent success and customer satisfaction rates over 99%, ADTRAV clearly prioritizes excellence for over 600,000 travelers worldwide.

ADTRAV primarily hires travel consultants and associate managers. Therefore, while searching for remote jobs in the Virtual Vocations Database, look for job titles like:

  • Remote After Hours Travel Consultant
  • Telecommute Government and Military Accounts Travel Team Lead
  • Remote Group Air Travel Consultant

View ADTRAV Travel Management’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations


Virtual Vocations Employer Partners

Virtual Vocations Employer Partner

Virtual Vocations Employer Partners are remote work-friendly companies that utilize our free Employer Partner Program to post telecommute job vacancies to our database. Did you notice this same orange shield next to the logos for K12 Inc. and VocoVision? That’s right—K12 and VocoVision are two of our Employer Partners. These businesses join the following eight Employer Partners on our list of Top 100 Telecommute Companies for 2019:


Top Telecommute Education Companies

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipates education, training, and library jobs to increase by 9% through 2026. Such jobs include adult literacy specialists, technical educators, K-12 teachers, instructional coordinators, college instructors, and teaching assistants. Additionally, administration positions for elementary, middle, and high schools should grow by 8%; and post-secondary administrators can expect a 10% increase in jobs.

Though K12 and Kaplan lead the way for remote occupations, the following remote employers rank among the nation’s top telecommute-friendly educational organizations:


Top Telecommute Healthcare, Health Insurance, and Biotechnology Companies

All healthcare occupations are predicted to grow by 18% through 2026, which is a significantly faster rate than all other professions. Such growth includes jobs related to dentistry, medical diagnostics, nutrition, genetic counseling, clinical laboratories, medical records and information, nursing, occupational therapy, physician specialties, and more.

With an expected growth of 41% or about 1,208,800 new jobs through 2026, home health and personal care aides will continue to be in high demand as the nation’s population ages.

Like number two UnitedHealth Group, these healthcare organizations are proud telecommute-friendly employers:

Top Telecommute Technology Companies

Computer and information technology jobs, such as network architects, programmers, systems analysts, software developers, and database administrators, will grow by 13% through 2026. Plus, software development is the hottest telecommute job on the market right now with an average salary of $103,560 and anticipated job growth of 24%.

In addition to Oracle, numerous technology giants dominate the job market. The following tech companies are known for frequently hiring remote workers:

Top Telecommute Financial Companies

Though business and financial operations jobs aren’t expected to grow as dramatically as high-demand technology and healthcare occupations, the BLS predicts a 10% increase for such roles through 2026. This figure includes positions related to accounting, appraising, claims adjusting, cost estimating, financial analysis, fundraising, personal finance, purchasing, and more.

These telecommute-friendly financial companies often hire remote employees to fulfill a variety of roles:

Top Telecommute Customer Service, Sales, and Retail Companies

The need for customer service representatives holds steady. The BLS predicts an increase of 5%, or about 136,300 new jobs, through 2026. Retail jobs should experience 2% growth, and with frequent turnover and evolving online commerce technologies, retailers will continuously post telecommute job vacancies.

In general, sales-related occupations, including advertising, insurance, real estate, travel agents, and financial services sales, will see a 3% increase in jobs through 2026.

Sykes Enterprises sets the stage for remote customer service employers, and ADTRAV Travel Management rightfully earned its rank for 2019. Let’s not forget about these additional powerhouse companies that reliably hire telecommuters year after year:

Top Translation Companies

If you are fluent in more than one language, you can launch a profitable career or side gig working for a telecommute-friendly language solution company. The BLS estimates an 18% surge of new translation and interpretation jobs through 2026, which is significant growth compared to all other occupations.

Though CyraCom and CTS LanguageLink top the list for language and translation employers with telecommute job openings, Virtual Vocations posted more than 200 remote jobs for LanguageLine Solutions (61) throughout 2018.

Top Telecommute Employment Companies

Employment specialists and staffing agencies continuously search for top telecommute talent to fill occupational vacancies. Our companies database contains dozens of recruiting and staffing firms that help place qualified remote jobseekers in full-time, part-time, and independent contractor positions.

Here are the top employment companies with the most telecommute job posts in the Virtual Vocations Database during the past year:

How to Find Telecommute Jobs at Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations provides remote jobseekers with thousands of human-reviewed telecommute job postings from U.S. and international employers. When it comes to online job searches we do the heavy lifting so that jobseekers can conveniently and safely search for remote jobs that match their line of work, skills, interests, and career goals.

To take advantage of our exceptional services, sign up as a Virtual Vocations member and dive into our job board to get a feel for what’s out there in the world of working from home. Then, check out our extensive professional Career Services such as resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile writing. Our team of job search and resume writing experts can help you fine-tune your critical career documents and submit winning remote job applications.

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