Q3 2023 State of Remote Work: The Top Companies, Industries, and Locations for Hiring

The “Q3 2023 State of Remote Work” report from Virtual Vocations names the top 10 remote-enabled businesses, career fields, U.S. states, and Virtual Vocations Employer Partner Program members for fully remote jobs from July, August, and September 2023.

Fully Remote Jobs Report Overview for Q3 2023

For 16 years, Virtual Vocations, Inc. has served as a trusted, comprehensive online database for human-screened work from home job openings, as well as a facilitator for researching remote companies hiring home-based professionals, and a valuable source of career-enhancing guidance and telecommuting support. In addition to curating our job board and providing career services, like resume assessments, resume and cover letter writing, one-on-one career coaching, and LinkedIn profile enhancement, Virtual Vocations conducts research and analyzes data on remote work statistics and trends.

Our quarterly job reports provide an overview of remote jobs data for anyone interested in flexible, fully remote employment. Each quarter, we will offer an in-depth examination of Virtual Vocations company data, including lists for the top 10 remote-enabled companies, remote work industries, fully remote job locations, and Employer Partner Program members.

Summary of Findings

  • The Virtual Vocations Remote Jobs Database hosted fully remote job postings from 6,200 unique companies during Q3 2023.
  • More than 54,000 fully remote job postings were added to our database throughout the months of July, August, and September.
  • Virtual Vocations’ team and its Employer Partner Program members added an average of 18,000 fully remote jobs to the job board each month of the quarter.
Virtual Vocations - Q3 2023 State of Remote Work - Fully Remote Jobs Report - Top 10 Companies for Fully Remote Jobs - VocoVision, UnitedHealth Group, Maximus, CVS Health Corporation, Humana, General Dynamics Information Technology, R1 RCM, Leidos, Peraton Corp., Lumen Technologies - VirtualVocations.com

Top 10 Companies for Fully Remote Jobs—Q3 2023 State of Remote Work

Among the top 10 companies for fully remote jobs in Q3, five (i.e. VocoVision, UnitedHealth Group, CVS Health, Humana, and Lumen Technologies) are also included on our list of the “Top 100 Companies to Watch for Fully Remote Jobs in 2023.” These 10 employers were responsible for 13.16% of the 54,000+ fully remote job postings that appeared on our job board during Q3 2023.

Select any of the hyperlinked company names below to view a researched Virtual Vocations profile of that employer. The Virtual Vocations Remote Companies Database, which houses more than 14,000 business profiles, is a free resource for remote jobseekers who want to work for reputable employers known to hire qualified employees and contractors for 100% work from home jobs.

1. VocoVision, Inc.

2. UnitedHealth Group

3. Maximus, Inc.

4. CVS Health Corporation

5. Humana Inc.

6. General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc. (GDIT)

7. R1 RCM Inc.

8. Leidos, Inc.

9. Peraton Corp.

10. Lumen Technologies

Virtual Vocations - Q3 2023 State of Remote Work - Fully Remote Jobs Report - Top 10 Industries for Fully Remote Jobs - Information Technology, Healthcare, Marketing, Sales, Financial, Customer Service, Management, Education, Project Management, and Human Services - VirtualVocations.com

Top 10 Industries for Fully Remote Jobs—Q3 2023 State of Remote Work

At any time, the Virtual Vocations job board is filled with approximately 15,000 job postings across 42 remote job industries. Remote job categories range from administrative and investigations to consulting and product management. These top 10 telecommuting job industries accounted for the most fully remote job openings for the third quarter of the year.

Choose any industry name below to view all available remote jobs for that career field active in the Virtual Vocations database. Across July, August, and September 2023, there were 2.57 times as many fully remote information technology remote jobs available as openings in any other field. And among the top 10 industries for fully remote jobs, customer service positions boasted the most growth throughout Q3.

1. Information Technology

2. Healthcare

3. Marketing

4. Sales

5. Financial

6. Customer Service

7. Management

8. Education

9. Project Management

10. Human Services

Virtual Vocations - Q3 2023 State of Remote Work - Fully Remote Jobs Report - Top 10 Locations for Fully Remote Jobs - Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Arizona, Tennessee, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois - VirtualVocations.com

Top 10 Locations for Fully Remote Jobs—Q3 2023 State of Remote Work

Nearly nine in 10 of all of remote job postings found in the Virtual Vocations database during Q3 were open to all U.S. applicants. However, some remote job openings may be location specific. Factors influencing the location classification of remote jobs include business travel requirements, company policies, and state tax or employment laws.

Virtual Vocations makes easy work of job searches based on location. Our members use job search filters to narrow their search results by criteria like time zoneregionstate, or nationwide hiring. The following 10 states represent the top locations for Q3 2023 fully remote jobs posted to the Virtual Vocations job board. Click on any state name below to view all available fully remote jobs for that location in the Virtual Vocations database.

1. Florida

2. Texas

3. North Carolina

4. Georgia

5. Virginia

6. Arizona

7. Tennessee

8. Michigan

9. Pennsylvania

10. Illinois

Virtual Vocations - Q3 2023 State of Remote Work - Fully Remote Jobs Report - Top 10 Employer Partners for Fully Remote Jobs - BairesDev, TTEC, eXp Realty, Littera Education, Achieve Test Prep, Susan G. Komen, Subsplash, Launch Potato, Uscreen, Omni Interactions - VirtualVocations.com

Top 10 Employer Partners for Fully Remote Jobs—Q3 2023 State of Remote Work

Virtual Vocations Employer Partners are businesses and organizations with a shared goal to hire the best remote talent. To help these companies meet their goal, Virtual Vocations partners with them to post their remote job openings directly to our job board. Prior to joining the program, each company undergoes a vetting process to ensure its business and job postings meet Virtual Vocations’ strict quality standards. To learn more about our Employer Partner Program and additional businesses known for hiring fully remote professionals, read our report on the “Top 25 Employer Partners for Fully Remote Jobs in 2023.”

These 10 Employer Partners posted the most remote job openings for the quarter. Discover company information and available fully remote jobs from any of these employers by selecting any company name below. This will give you complimentary access a Virtual Vocations profile for that business.

1. BairesDev

2. TTEC Holdings, Inc.

3. eXp Realty

4. Littera Education Inc.

5. Achieve Test Prep

6. Susan G. Komen

7. Subsplash, Inc.

8. Launch Potato

9. Uscreen

10. Omni Interactions, Inc.

New Employer Partner Program Members—Q3 2023 State of Remote Work

1. Groomers Friend, LLC, a pet care and groomer support company

2. Halsey Resources, an accounting and payroll services firm

3. Nevada Autism Center, an applied behavioral analysis services provider

4. Instruction Partners, an education consulting firm

5. ROOK, a software development company

6. PRIMUS Business Management, a business consulting firm

Six remote-enabled companies joined our Employer Partner Program during Q3. Jobseekers who hope to land a new fully remote role before the start of 2024 will be encouraged by hiring trends, including those from new Employer Partner Program members, observed by Virtual Vocations Employer & Business Partnerships Specialist Erin Feldman.

With workers taking their final trips of summer and the back-to-school season in full swing, Q3 is always an interesting time of year in the hiring world. During July, August, and September, we saw a number of workers jump back into the hiring pool—the majority of whom already have remote work experience. In fact, the results of our “Remote Work Productivity Survey” for 2023 found that 81% of professionals have worked remotely at some point in their careers. Established telecommuting experience is not only a benefit for workers who want to stand out among other applicants in a saturated remote job market but also a boon for remote-enabled companies that want to strengthen their telework programs with workers ready to dive in on day one.

Erin Feldman, Employer & Business Partnerships Specialist, Virtual Vocations, Inc.

New Employer Partner Program Interview Series for Q3

The third quarter of 2023 also marked the start of a new interview series on the Virtual Vocations blog. This series allows Virtual Vocations connect with individual Employer Partner Program members to discuss their company, remote work history, and hiring criteria. By reading the following interviews in the series, remote jobseekers can discover what to anticipate when applying to work with our Employer Partners and how they can make strong impressions as remote job candidates:

Additional Employer Partners content can be found on the Virtual Vocations Employer Partners and Employer Alerts blog category pages.

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