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Work from Home or Anywhere: Q4 2022 Employer Partners Report

The Virtual Vocations Q4 Employer Partners Report for 2022 provides an overview of companies hiring during the fourth quarter of the year. We share the top 15 companies looking for remote workers to work from home or anywhere, name new Employer Partners that joined our program during Q4, and list the top 10 states and career industries for fully remote jobs posted by our Employer Partners during October, November, and December.

Recruiting for Remote Work from Home Jobs in the New Year?

Virtual Vocations Employer Partner Program

Members of the Virtual Vocations Employer Partner Program are businesses and organizations that use our services and resources to connect their 100% virtual job postings to millions of eager, experienced remote jobseekers in more than 40 career fields ranging from human services and data entry to investigations and social media.

Become a Virtual Vocations Employer Partner

New Employer Partner Program members must undergo a vetting process to ensure the business meets Virtual Vocations’ quality standards. Once approved for the program, Employer Partners enjoy benefits like the following:

Free job postings on approved telecommute jobs
Ability to submit jobs individually or through feeds
Employer Dashboard to easily manage remote job listings
Access to application tracking stats like CTR and views
Features that allow applicants to apply by email or direct company link
Posted jobs featured in email alerts to more than 500,000 remote jobseekers
Permanent Company Profile page researched and written by Virtual Vocations staff
Dedicated account manager to assist with hiring needs
Immediate registration and job submissions access

Q4 Employer Partners for 2022—Remote Work from Home Jobs

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“The number of fully remote job postings made by Virtual Vocations Employer Partners increased 49.41% from Q3 to Q4 2022, which is the highest quarterly growth for Employer Partner job postings this year. Overall, 2022 was a fantastic year of hiring for our Employer Partners, including Susan G. Komen and Intuit Inc.—two of the 42 new business that joined our program in 2022.

Throughout the year, 174 unique Employer Partners shared hundreds of 100% remote job postings with Virtual Vocations’ members. To learn more about our Employer Partner Program and the top members for remote hiring in 2022, I encourage you to read our 2022 Year-End Report and Remote Jobs Statistics.”

—Erin Feldman, Remote Employer & Business Partnerships Specialist

Virtual Vocations - 2022 Q4 Employer Partners Report - Work from Home or Anywhere - Remote Jobs Statistics

Remote Work Statistics from Q4 Employer Partners Hiring for Remote Work from Home Jobs

The following Q4 remote jobs statistics showcase the diversity of remote work from home jobs. Jobseekers don’t have to choose between working from home and earning a competitive wage. They also don’t have to settle for an onsite role to thrive in a career long-term. In 2022, professionals can succeed in their careers and work remotely in positions that not only suit their experience and skills but also cultivate the flexible lifestyle they desire.

  • 100.00% were fully remote jobs requiring no field travel or onsite work.
  • 72.44% required a bachelor’s degree or some college.
  • 69.29were full-time remote roles.
  • 66.14% of job postings were permanent roles, compared to 28.35% of job postings categorized as openings for independent contractors or temporary positions.
  • 55.90% were fully remote jobs for experienced workers with a provable work history in that field or a similar role.
  • 37.00% were posted by 100% virtual companies.
  • 5.41% of Employer Partners that posted remote job openings during Q4 of 2022 are headquartered internationally in the following locations: Canada and England. The majority of U.S.-based Employer Partners are headquartered in California, New York, and Texas.
Virtual Vocations - 2022 Q4 Employer Partners Report - Work from Home or Anywhere - Employer Partners Headquarters Locations

CEO’s Statement on Opportunities to Work from Home or Anywhere

“We are motivated by another successful year of remote hiring shared with our Employer Partner Program members. During 2022, the Virtual Vocations team and our Employer Partners posted 250,000 remote job openings to our database. From February 1 through December 31, 2022, all of those job postings were for fully virtual jobs, as we made the transition to posting only 100% remote positions requiring no field travel.

Looking ahead to a brand new year of opportunities for jobseekers to work from home or anywhere else their remote careers lead them, we expect a continued interest in fully remote jobs. Over the last couple of years, access to remote jobs became the top priority of jobseekers, the majority of which want to work at home 100% of the time without traveling for business. Virtual Vocations is proud to partner with more than 3,600 Employer Partners that also value remote work and want to connect their job postings to qualified, experienced workers eager to contribute to their remote-enabled organizations.”

—Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations CEO & Co-founder

Virtual Vocations - Q4 2022 Employer Partners Report - Work from Home or Anywhere - Top 15 Employer Partners for Remote Jobs - BairesDev, TTEC Holdings, Susan G. Komen, Littera Education Inc., Intuit Inc., Boldly, Omniscient Digital LLC, NexRep,, Elevate LLC, Words Without Borders, InquisitHealth Inc., We Recruit Well, Base (Formerly 33Vincent), GrowthDay

Top 15 Employer Partners for Q4 of 2022

Employer Partners were ranked according to the number of remote job postings they published to the Virtual Vocations job board during Q4. These top 15 Employer Partners for October, November, and December were responsible for 80.31% of all Employer Partner job postings for the quarter. If you are a jobseeker searching for permanent remote jobs and hybrid work, this list of top remote-enabled Employer Partners for the quarter is a great place to begin.

Our top 15 list below includes each business’s headquarters location as well as a hyperlink to each Employer Partner’s Virtual Vocations Company Profile. These researched profiles feature valuable job search details like the company’s mission and overview, links to the company’s website, social media profiles, and RSS feed, as well as insight into what it’s like to work remotely for that employer and a list of any currently available remote job postings from that business.

1. BairesDev (San Francisco, California)

2. TTEC Holdings, Inc. (Englewood, Colorado)

3. Susan G. Komen (Dallas, Texas)

4. Littera Education Inc. (Wappingers Falls, New York)

5. Intuit Inc. (Mountain View, California)

6. Boldly (New York, New York)

7. Omniscient Digital LLC (Austin, Texas)

8. NexRep (Portland, Maine)

9. (Mountain View, California)

10. Elevate, LLC (Washington, D.C.)

11. Words Without Borders (Brooklyn, New York)

12. InquisitHealth, Inc. (River Ridge, New Jersey)

13. We Recruit Well (Eatonton, Georgia)

14. Base (Formerly 33Vincent) (Greenville, South Carolina)

15. GrowthDay (Napa, California)

Virtual Vocations - Q4 2022 Employer Partners Report - Work from Home or Anywhere - Elevate LLC, BairesDev, Manhattan Mental Health Counseling, Valley of the Moon Music Festival, Susan G. Komen, Mogul Inc., Words Without Borders, Intuit Inc.

8 New Employer Partners Added During Q4 of 2022

The fourth quarter of 2022 included eight new memberships to our Employer Partner Program. The companies outlined below, which all became new Virtual Vocations partners in October, November, or December, are listed in order of when they became Employer Partner program members during the quarter. Our new Employer Partners list includes details about each company’s core business mission or services and a hyperlink to each Employer Partner’s Virtual Vocations Company Profile.


Elevate, LLC (Washington, D.C.)

Remote Job Industry: Consulting

Elevate, LLC is an organization that helps non-profit entities with fundraising and grant programs. The company provides strategy, writing, and data management services. Elevate allows staff to work fully remotely. It is a woman-owned business and is invested in the growth and learning of its staff.

BairesDev (San Francisco, California)

Remote Job Industry: Information Technology

BairesDev LLC is an IT and software solutions firm. The company provides clients with custom software products that are designed to be scalable and adaptable. 

Manhattan Mental Health Counseling (New York, New York)

Remote Job Industry: Healthcare

Manhattan Mental Health Counseling LLC is a mental healthcare service provider. The organization offers patients psychotherapy services including care for anxiety, depression, addictions, and grief counseling.

Valley of the Moon Music Festival (Sonoma, California)

Remote Job Industry: Non-profit

Valley of the Moon Music Festival is a non-profit music organization. The group hosts a yearly festival that focuses on Classical and Romantic-era music.

Susan G. Komen (Dallas, Texas)

Remote Job Industry: Non-profit

Susan G. Komen is a non-profit organization that combats breast cancer. The organization funds treatment research, supports advocacy groups, and drives community initiatives to improve outcomes for breast cancer patients.

MOGUL Inc. (New York, New York)

Remote Job Industry: Business Services

MOGUL Inc. is a human resources company. The company provides clients with software support for talent acquisition and recruiting services.

Words Without Borders (Brooklyn, New York)

Remote Job Industry: Non-profit

Words Without Borders is a non-profit literacy organization. This group promotes culture and literacy by expanding access to international writings.

Intuit Inc. (Mountain View, California)

Remote Job Industry: Information Technology

Intuit Inc. is a financial software development company. The firm provides software platforms for bookkeeping, payroll management, and tax preparation. It is the corporation behind popular accounting and personal finance brands like QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Credit Karma.

Top 10 States to Work from Home or Anywhere

Among all job postings published by Employer Partners during Q4, most were for remote jobseekers living in these states. Explore the Virtual Vocations Remote Work Resources by State Directory to learn more about working from home in your state or click any of the hyperlinked state names below to discover additional details about remote work options in those locations, including companies actively hiring remote workers.

1. Florida

2. Tennessee

3. North Carolina

4. South Carolina

5. Georgia

6. Alabama

7. Indiana

8. Kentucky

9. Oklahoma

10. Texas

Top 10 Job Categories to Work from Home or Anywhere

Virtual Vocations posts remote job openings across more than 40 career fields. From October through December, most remote vacancies shared by our Employer Partners represented these 10 job industries.

1. Sales

In-Demand Remote Sales Job Titles:

2. Management

In-Demand Remote Management Job Titles:

3. Accounting

In-Demand Remote Accounting Job Titles:

4. Customer Service

In-Demand Remote Customer Service Job Titles:

5. Information Technology

In-Demand Remote Information Technology Job Titles:

6. Non-profit

In-Demand Non-profit Job Titles:

7. Administrative

In-Demand Remote Administrative Job Titles:

8. Account Management

In-Demand Remote Account Management Job Titles:

9. Writing

In-Demand Remote Writing Job Titles:

10. Education

In-Demand Remote Education Job Titles:

Contact Information for the “Work from Home or Anywhere: 2022 Q4 Employer Partners Report”

Inquiries about the Virtual Vocations Q4 report for 2022 on companies hiring qualified candidates to work from home or anywhere can be made to Kimberly Back, Senior Job Data Content Producer, at kim (at) virtualvocations (dot) com.

Please visit Virtual Vocations social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest for additional remote work content and conversations.

Image credits: Canva; Virtual Vocations images by Kimberly Back

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