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Textbook Designer Finds Remote Job During COVID-19

Finding the ideal remote job isn’t always easy. The expansion of remote-based jobs has exploded in recent times, promoting popularity among workers around the globe. Plus, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed even more workers to search for remote positions. But in just a few months—in the midst of the global pandemic—Bethesda, Maryland, resident Lisa F. found the perfect remote job during COVID-19 as a textbook designer for Moore Solutions, Inc.

How Virtual Vocations’s Remote Job Alerts Spurred a New Remote Job During COVID-19

Searching for more control over her time and the utmost flexibility, Bethesda, Maryland, resident Lisa F. embarked on a quest to find a new remote job. After a few months of searching, she landed a job with Moore Solutions, Inc.—a Florida-based education management solutions firm. And while Virtual Vocations played a pivotal role in her job hunt, she still had to apply herself.

Perseverance Is Crucial to Finding a Remote Job During COVID-19

Lisa F. is no newcomer to the software education industry. For the past 20 years, she’s dedicated her life to the profession, including a six-plus year stint as a remote worker and experience in Adobe software instructional book production.

But success didn’t happen overnight. She applied to jobs for several months before landing her current position. However, she states that her Virtual Vocations membership was crucial to that success. As she says, “I found the applications submitted via VV (Virtual Vocations) tended to have a higher response rate” compared to other job boards or company-direct applications.

Using Job Email Alerts to Streamline the Application Process

After sending out numerous job applications, Lisa F. didn’t always make it to the interview round or hear back from employers. But many jobseekers can relate when it comes to finding a remote job during COVID-19. That’s where Virtual Vocations’s Job Email Alerts came into play. “VV alerted me to a job that would never have shown up in my normal job searching. The company had posted the position through a local employment agency,” Lisa F. remembers.

Without the Job Email Alert, she may never have searched for or found this particular job. Today, Lisa F. expresses that “both the employer and myself are thrilled to have found such a great match.” She also thanked Virtual Vocations for the services they provide, and how she may never have found such a fantastic opportunity without their help.

How Virtual Vocations Helped Lisa F. Find the Perfect Job

Although Lisa F.’s experience, interview tact, and a host of other factors played a role in her job-hunt victory, Virtual Vocations is a vital resource to help jobseekers from all backgrounds find remote employment. Here’s a look at the Job Email Alerts that provided Lisa F. with the hot lead she needed.

Virtual Vocations’s Job Email Alerts

Scouring hundreds of job listings each day for the perfect job is time-consuming and tiresome, especially if the hunt takes weeks or months. Not surprisingly, the exploding popularity of remote work during COVID-19 has seen job applications for each position rise into the hundreds or even thousands. That’s why being one of the first candidates to apply is so integral.

To ensure you’re one of the first applicants, Virtual Vocations uses curated Job Email Alerts. These are based on your previous search history and any advance searches you may have had. As a result, you’re provided with job listings that meet your criteria, background, and experience/education level. Plus, you can choose whether to receive these alerts daily, three times a week, or weekly to suit your needs.

Virtual Vocations’s Remote Job Database

Although most companies turn to online job boards to promote and advertise for openings, not all job boards are created equal. Unlike other companies that have too many listings to sift through, Virtual Vocations has a dedicated team that vets each job listing. Through this screening process, scams and unreputable companies can’t list jobs that pose problems to Virtual Vocations members.

In addition to job and company screenings, Virtual Vocations’s remote job database is thorough, yet surprisingly easy to use. Through an array of job search filters, members can sift through over 20,000 job listings with a few clicks of the mouse. Some of these filters include:

  • Job Category
  • Telecommute Level
  • Location
  • Travel Requirements
  • Education Level
  • Weekly Hours
  • Employment Status
  • Employer Type
  • Career Level
  • Date Posted

In addition to these comprehensive filters, Virtual Vocations also has an advanced job filter. Here you can include keywords, exclude keywords, and fine-tune your search to provide the best search results possible.

Save Time With Virtual Vocations’s Remote Job Database

Once you’ve found the types of jobs you’re searching for, you can choose to save them for later application. This is a time-saver as you don’t have to apply immediately. But you also don’t have to start your search over again once you close out of the window. You can also choose to hide jobs you aren’t interested in. By doing so, you won’t have to sort through them every time you want to scour the Virtual Vocations job board.

On behalf of Virtual Vocations, we would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Lisa F. for landing her new job using our website. We hope that your new employment arrangement works out for both you and the company, and we wish you the best of luck in all your future remote work endeavors. Great job, Lisa F.!


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