Telecommuting Instructional Designer Jobs

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Take a look at the latest online instructional design jobs that let you work from a remote location. The Virtual Vocations staff screens thousands of job listings to bring you the best telecommute opportunities available.

In an instructional design job, you help develop curriculum for educational courses. You can often find this job title with corporations that need a new employee training program. While you may find a position in traditional education, schools typically use titles like “curriculum developer.” Your duties can change based on the job, but especially in remote roles, you often design courses to be taken online. Telecommute roles are fairly common in this field, but you typically need a bachelor’s degree and some experience with educational technology to qualify.

To succeed as an online instructional designer, you need communication skills and an in-depth knowledge of instructional techniques. Current job offerings include Remote Instructional Designer, Telecommute Instructional Designer, and Remote IT Instructional Designer.