Permanent Remote Jobs and Hybrid Work - 2022 Q1 Employer Partners Report - Virtual Vocations

Permanent Remote Jobs and Hybrid Work: 2022 Q1 Employer Partners Report

The Virtual Vocations Q1 Employer Partners Report for 2022 provides an overview of companies offering permanent remote jobs and hybrid work during the first quarter of the year. We name the top 15 companies hiring remote workers, list new Employer Partners that joined our program during Q1, and highlight the top states and career industries for remote jobs posted by our Employer Partners during January, February, and March.

Hiring for Permanent Remote Jobs and Hybrid Work in 2022?

Virtual Vocations Employer Partner Program

Members of the Virtual Vocations Employer Partner Program are businesses and organizations that use our services and resources to connect their home-based or virtual job postings to millions of eager, experienced remote jobseekers in approximately 40 career fields ranging from account management and financial to graphic design and human services. During 2021, Virtual Vocations Employer Partners posted more than 850 remote job openings to the Virtual Vocations job board, equaling more than 20% growth in Employer Partner hiring for the year.

Become a Virtual Vocations Employer Partner

New Employer Partner Program members must undergo a vetting process to ensure the business meets Virtual Vocations’ quality standards. Once approved for the program, Employer Partners enjoy benefits like the following:

Free job postings on approved telecommute jobs
Ability to submit jobs individually or through feeds
Employer Dashboard to easily manage remote job listings
Access to application tracking stats like CTR and views
Features that allow applicants to apply by email or direct company link
Posted jobs featured in email alerts to more than 500,000 remote jobseekers
Permanent Company Profile page researched and written by Virtual Vocations staff
Dedicated account manager to assist with hiring needs
Immediate registration and job submissions access

Q1 Employer Partners for 2022—Permanent Remote Jobs and Hybrid Work

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“The first quarter of 2022 was an exciting one for the Virtual Vocations Employer Partner Program. From January through March, nearly 60 Virtual Vocations Employer Partners posted their vacancies directly to our job board. Overall, the total number of quarterly Employer Partner job postings added to our database from Q4 of 2021 to Q1 of 2022 increased by 13.13%, even amid our job posting policy update to ensure that, as of February 1, 2022, all jobs added to the Virtual Vocations job board are 100% remote and require no field travel.

During the quarter, we also hosted a special webinar highlighting the Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2022. Our webinars are one of the many free benefits we provide to remote jobseekers in our Remote Career Center.

—Erin Feldman, Remote Employer & Business Partnerships Specialist

Permanent Remote Jobs and Hybrid Work - Virtual Vocations 2022 Q1 Employer Partners Report

Remote Work Statistics from Q1 Employer Partners Offering Permanent Remote Jobs and Hybrid Work

The following Q1 remote jobs and hiring statistics reiterate flexibility and stability remote jobseekers can achieve with virtual and telecommuting jobs as well as the value employers place on providing remote work arrangements to their employees and contractors.

  • 100.00% were fully remote jobs requiring no field travel.
  • 83.93% were full-time remote jobs, compared to 24.11% that were categorized as remote jobs that could be worked part-time.
  • 73.66% of job postings were permanent roles, compared to 20.98% of job postings categorized as openings for independent contractors.
  • 64.29% of job postings were for applicants with a bachelor’s degree or some college.
  • There were more Employer Partner job postings for mid-level, experienced professionals (59.38%) as there were for entry-level (21.43%), senior-level (21.43%), and executive-level (4.46%) professionals combined.
  • 28.57% were job postings made by Employer Partners that are 100% virtual companies.
  • 12.50% of Employer Partners that posted remote job openings during Q1of 2022 are headquartered internationally in countries like Canada, England, and Denmark. The majority of U.S.-based Employer Partners are headquartered in California, New York, and Colorado.
Virtual Vocations Companies with Permanent Remote Jobs and Hybrid Work - 2022 Q1 Employer Partners Report - Virtual Vocations Employer Partners Headquarters Locations - World Map - Remote Enabled Companies located in the United States, Canada, England, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, and Australia

CEO’s Statement on Permanent Remote Jobs and Hybrid Work

“Data from Q1 shows that employers are neither keen to train inexperienced workers nor pay top-level salaries to professionals with decades of experience under their belts. Right now, companies want experienced workers who not only know how to do their jobs but also would be willing to stay in their remote roles for the next five to 10 years.

This also tracks with the widespread availability of full-time, permanent jobs offered by Employer Partners during Q1 of 2022. During January, February, and March an average of 78.80% of all Employer Partner job postings were full-time, permanent positions.”

—Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations CEO & Co-Founder

Top 15 Employer Partners for Q1 of 2022

Employer Partners were ranked according to the number of remote job postings they published to the Virtual Vocations job board during Q1. These top 15 Employer Partners for January, February, and March were responsible for 70.09% of all Employer Partner job postings for the quarter. If you are a jobseeker searching for permanent remote jobs and hybrid work, this list of top remote-enabled Employer Partners for the quarter is a great place to begin.

Permanent Remote Jobs and Hybrid Work: Virtual Vocations Q1 2022 Employer Partners Report - Top 15 Employer Partners for Remote Jobs - Agilent Technologies, Littera Education Inc, StudySmarter, Achieve Test Prep, USAble Life, eXp Realty, Coalition Technologies, Incsub LLC, VirBELA,, Boldly, TTEC, Managed Care Advisors, Dimagi, Artisan E-Learning

Our top 15 list below includes each business’s headquarters location as well as a hyperlink to each Employer Partner’s Virtual Vocations Company Profile. These researched profiles feature valuable job search details like the company’s mission and overview, links to the company’s website, social media profiles, and RSS feed, as well as insight into what it’s like to work remotely for that employer and a list of any currently available remote job postings from that business.

1. Agilent Technologies (Santa Clara, California)

2. Littera Education Inc. (Wappingers Falls, New York)

3. StudySmarter (Munich, Germany)

4. Achieve Test Prep (Wayne, New Jersey)

5. USAble Life (Little Rock, Arkansas)

6. eXp Realty (Bellingham, Washington)

7. Coalition Technologies (Los Angeles, California)

8. Incsub, LLC (Melbourne, Australia)

9. Virbela (La Jolla, California)

10. (Mountain View, California)

11. Boldly (New York, New York)

12. Managed Care Advisors (Bethesda, Maryland)

13. TTEC Holdings, Inc. (Englewood, Colorado)

14. Dimagi, Inc. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

15. Artisan E-Learning (Atlantic Beach, Florida)

14 New Employer Partners Added During Q1 of 2022

The first quarter of 2022 marked 14 new memberships to our Employer Partner Program. The companies outlined below, which all became new Virtual Vocations partners in January, February, or March, are listed in order of when they became Employer Partner program members during the quarter. Our new Employer Partners list includes details about each company’s core business mission or services and a hyperlink to each Employer Partner’s Virtual Vocations Company Profile.

Permanent Remote Jobs and Hybrid Work - Virtual Vocations - Q1 2022 Employer Partners Report - New Virtual Vocations Employer Partners - Home Instead Senior Care, NAPE,, GrowthDay, Colorado Christian University, LPW Training Services, iSimplifyMe, TELUS International, USAble Life, Incsub, LLC, Serta Simmons Bedding LLC, Nexstar Media, Anderson Direct & Digital, Financialize

1. Home Instead Senior Care (Omaha, Nebraska)

Home Instead Senior Care specializes in non-medical in-home care for the elderly. The company aims to make life easier for seniors and their families by offering nurse-directed care, hospice support, meal preparation, transportation services, and personal care services.

2. National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE) (Gap, Pennsylvania)

National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity is a group of organizations and corporations that partners for advocacy in education. NAPE offers programs to build the capacity of educators to effectively increase student access, educational equity, and workforce diversity.

3. Gaggle.Net, Inc. (Bloomington, Illinois)

Gaggle.Net, Inc. uses technology to protect young people and students against violent threats, suicide, and sexual exploitation. It combines machine learning technology with the experience of industry experts to provide a safe digital learning environment.

4. GrowthDay (Napa, California)

GrowthDay is a developer of a personal growth and improvement platform. The company’s mobile app provides users with tools for self-development such as seminars, virtual coaching, and goal planning.

Colorado Christian University

5. Colorado Christian University (Lakewood, Colorado)

Colorado Christian University is a private, Christian, liberal arts university. The school provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as offers adult learning and dual-credit programs.

6. LPW Training Services (Somerville, New Jersey)

LPW Training Services is a fast-growing technology training firm for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. This team-focused business provides clients with customized instructor-led training options, documentation, and ongoing support access.

7. iSimplifyMe (Chicago, Illinois)

An award-winning marketing and advertising firm, iSimplifyMe provides services related to content marketing, SEO, and website design and development. The iSimplifyMe team builds custom websites, uses data analytics to increase organic traffic for their clients, and creates tactical content summaries to improve brand awareness.

8. TELUS International (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

TELUS International is a digital customer experience company. The firm designs, implements, and maintains data-based digital user interfaces on behalf of clients in the finance, travel, and hospitality industries.

USAble Life

9. USAble Life (Little Rock, Arkansas)

USAble Life, which is known for creating an equitable and inclusive work environment, is an insurance coverage and benefits provider. The company provides businesses with insurance benefits for their employees including life, disability, health, and dental.

10. Incsub, LLC (Melbourne, Australia)

Incsub is a WordPress development company that designs templates, learning modules, and plug-ins for use with WordPress to make web design simpler and more accessible. The company strives for a dynamic, supportive, and team-oriented work culture and believes in empowering employees to grow and thrive.

11. Serta Simmons Bedding, LLC (Doraville, Georgia)

Serta Simmons Bedding, LLC is a sleep technology development company that designs, manufactures, and distributes sleep products including mattresses and bedding.

Nexstar Media logo

12. Nexstar Media Inc. (Irving, Texas)

As a diversified media company, Nexstar Media Inc. owns and operates television stations throughout the United States. It provides audience engagement across all media devices and local broadcast television to influence consumers’ buying and political decisions.

Anderson Direct Digital logo

13. Anderson Direct & Digital (Poway, California)

Anderson Direct & Digital is a digital advertising agency that provides clients with data-informed marketing services including creative design, media production, and brand growth. It also offers employees working autonomy and a healthy work-life balance.

financialize logo

14. Financialize (Larkspur, California)

Financialize is a digital lead generation company that provides financial advisors and insurance agents with options for purchasing leads within their territory. For its employees, Financialize cultivates a dynamic, fast-paced, and results-oriented work culture.

Top 10 States for Permanent Remote Jobs and Hybrid Work

Among all job postings published to the Virtual Vocations job board during Q1, most were for remote jobseekers living in these states. Explore the Virtual Vocations Remote Work Resources by State Directory to learn more about working from home in your state or click any of the hyperlinked state names below to learn more about remote work options in those locations including companies hiring remote workers.

1. California

2. Texas

3. Florida

4. New York

5. Delaware

6. Arizona & Ohio*

8. Idaho

9. Illinois, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina**

*Numerical tie for 6th place based on the total number of remote job openings Employer Partners posted for these states.
**Numerical tie for 9th place based on the total number of remote job openings Employer Partners posted for these states.

Top 10 Job Categories for Employer Partners with Permanent Remote Jobs and Hybrid Work

Virtual Vocations posts remote job openings across nearly 40 career fields. From January through March, most remote vacancies shared by our Employer Partners represented these 10 job industries.

1. Management

In-Demand Remote Management Job Titles:

2. Engineering

In-Demand Remote Engineering Job Titles:

3. Sales

In-Demand Remote Sales Job Titles:

4. Customer Service

In-Demand Remote Customer Service Job Titles:

5. Human Resources

In-Demand Human Resources Job Titles:

6. Marketing & Education

The marketing and education remote job categories were in a numerical tie for sixth place among the top 10 remote job categories for Employer Partner remote job postings, which resulted in no seventh place award.

In-Demand Remote Marketing Job Titles:

In-Demand Remote Education Job Titles:

8. Project Management

In-Demand Remote Project Management Job Titles:

9. Information Technology & Administrative

The information technology and administrative remote job categories were in a numerical tie for ninth place among the top 10 remote job categories for Employer Partner remote job postings, which resulted in no tenth place award.

In-Demand Remote Information Technology Job Titles: 

In-Demand Remote Administrative Job Titles:

Contact Information for “Permanent Remote Jobs and Hybrid Work: 2022 Q1 Employer Partners Report”

Inquiries about the Virtual Vocations Q1 for 2022 “Permanent Remote Jobs and Hybrid Work: 2022 Q1 Employer Partners Report” can be made to Kimberly Back, Senior Job Data Content Producer, at kim (at) virtualvocations (dot) com.

Please visit Virtual Vocations social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest for additional remote work content and conversations.

Image credits: Canva; Virtual Vocations images by Kimberly Back

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