Virtual Vocations - Q3 2022 Employer Partners Report - Remote Work from Home Jobs

Remote Work from Home Jobs: Q3 2022 Employer Partners Report

The Virtual Vocations Q3 Employer Partners Report for 2022 provides an overview of companies hiring for remote work from home jobs during the third quarter of the year. We share the top 15 companies hiring remote workers for work from home jobs, name new Employer Partners that joined our program during Q3, and list the top 10 states and career industries for fully remote jobs posted by our Employer Partners during July, August, and September.

Recruiting for Remote Work from Home Jobs in 2022?

Virtual Vocations Employer Partner Program

Members of the Virtual Vocations Employer Partner Program are businesses and organizations that use our services and resources to connect their home-based or virtual job postings to millions of eager, experienced remote jobseekers in approximately 40 career fields ranging from human services and data entry to investigations and social media. During 2021, Virtual Vocations Employer Partners posted more than 850 remote job openings to the Virtual Vocations job board, equaling more than 20% growth in Employer Partner hiring for the year.

Become a Virtual Vocations Employer Partner

New Employer Partner Program members must undergo a vetting process to ensure the business meets Virtual Vocations’ quality standards. Once approved for the program, Employer Partners enjoy benefits like the following:

Free job postings on approved telecommute jobs
Ability to submit jobs individually or through feeds
Employer Dashboard to easily manage remote job listings
Access to application tracking stats like CTR and views
Features that allow applicants to apply by email or direct company link
Posted jobs featured in email alerts to more than 500,000 remote jobseekers
Permanent Company Profile page researched and written by Virtual Vocations staff
Dedicated account manager to assist with hiring needs
Immediate registration and job submissions access

Q3 Employer Partners for 2022—Remote Work from Home Jobs

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“Headquartered throughout the U.S. and internationally, Virtual Vocations Employer Partners filled 85 fully remote job postings during Q3. Nearly half of these job postings, which represented an array of telecommuting industries like administrative, IT, customer service, education, and management, were made by 100% virtual companies.

During the quarter, we were also pleased to welcome several new Employer Partners to our program encompassing more than 3,600 remote-enabled businesses and organizations that value telework. We are proud to partner with these companies to bring their fully remote job postings directly to Virtual Vocations members who are ready, and highly qualified, to work from home.”

—Erin Feldman, Remote Employer & Business Partnerships Specialist

Virtual Vocations - 2022 Q3 Employer Partners Report - Companies Hiring for Remote Work from Home Jobs - Remote Jobs Statistics

Remote Work Statistics from Q3 Employer Partners Hiring for Remote Work from Home Jobs

The following Q3 remote jobs statistics showcase the diversity of remote work from home jobs. Jobseekers don’t have to choose between working from home and earning a competitive wage. They also don’t have to settle for an onsite role to thrive in a career long-term. In 2022, professionals can succeed in their careers and work remotely in positions that not only suit their experience and skills but also cultivate the flexible lifestyle they desire.

  • 98.82% were fully remote jobs; 1.18% with onsite stipulations do not require field travel but may require an annual onsite meeting or training.
  • 69.41% were remote jobs for experienced jobseekers, compared to 34.12% for entry-level professionals.
  • 68.24% required a bachelor’s degree or some college.
  • 67.06% were full-time remote roles.
  • 61.18% of job postings were permanent roles, compared to 30.59% of job postings categorized as openings for independent contractors or temporary positions.
  • 45.88% were posted by 100% virtual companies.
  • 20.59% of Employer Partners that posted remote job openings during Q3 of 2022 are headquartered internationally in the following locations: Canada, England, Denmark, Hong Kong, and Australia. The majority of U.S.-based Employer Partners are headquartered in California, New York, Colorado, and Georgia.
Virtual Vocations - 2022 Q3 Employer Partners Report - Remote Work From Home Jobs - Employer Partners Headquarters Locations

CEO’s Statement on Remote Work from Home Jobs

“The third quarter of 2022 posted another strong showing for the remote job market. Our team screened and published an average of 19,700 fully remote job openings per month during July, August, and September. This was a departure from the typical summer hiring slump that commonly occurs across all markets. However, the beginning of Q3 signaled a significant hiring development: the return to a pre-pandemic unemployment rate of 3.5%.” With approximately 200,000 total remote job postings added to the Virtual Vocations database through Q3, we have already exceeded annual company records for fully remote job postings published to our job board.”

—Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations CEO & Co-Founder

Top 15 Employer Partners for Q3 of 2022

Employer Partners were ranked according to the number of remote job postings they published to the Virtual Vocations job board during Q3. These top 15 Employer Partners for July, August, and September were responsible for 74.12% of all Employer Partner job postings for the quarter. If you are a jobseeker searching for permanent remote jobs and hybrid work, this list of top remote-enabled Employer Partners for the quarter is a great place to begin.

Virtual Vocations - 2022 Q3 Employer Partners Report - Top 15 Employer Partners for Remote Jobs - Remote Work from Home Jobs - Littera Education, Boldly, TELUS International, EK Health Services, Incsub, OMNI Interactions, TTEC Holdings, CXT Software, ContentBacon, NOMAD, Eleven Writing, Agilent Technologies, Achieve Test Prep, Woven Legal, DiMagi

Our top 15 list below includes each business’s headquarters location as well as a hyperlink to each Employer Partner’s Virtual Vocations Company Profile. These researched profiles feature valuable job search details like the company’s mission and overview, links to the company’s website, social media profiles, and RSS feed, as well as insight into what it’s like to work remotely for that employer and a list of any currently available remote job postings from that business.

1. Littera Education Inc. (Wappingers Falls, New York)

2. Boldly (New York, New York)

3. TELUS International (Vancouver, Canada)

4. EK Health Services, Inc. (San Jose, California)

5. Incsub (Melbourne, Australia)

6. Omni Interactions, Inc. (Denver, Colorado)

7. TTEC Holdings, Inc. (Englewood, Colorado)

8. CXT Software (Phoenix, Arizona)

9. ContentBacon (Davie, Florida)

10. NOMAD (Newport Beach, California)

11. Eleven Writing (London, England)

12. Agilent Technologies (Santa Clara, California)

13. Achieve Test Prep (Wayne, New Jersey)

14. Woven Legal (Atlanta, Georgia)

15. Dimagi, Inc. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

8 New Employer Partners Added During Q3 of 2022

The second quarter of 2022 marked eight new memberships to our Employer Partner Program. The companies outlined below, which all became new Virtual Vocations partners in July, August, or September, are listed in order of when they became Employer Partner program members during the quarter. Our new Employer Partners list includes details about each company’s core business mission or services and a hyperlink to each Employer Partner’s Virtual Vocations Company Profile.

Virtual Vocations - 2022 Q3 Employer Partners Report - Remote Work from Home Jobs - New Virtual Vocations Employer Partners - Achievable, Franco Muñoz Law Firm, AlpInsider, NOMAD, Smith.Ai, Inc., FastExpert, Inc., Almiranta Corporation, NorthStar Insurance Services, Inc.

Achievable Inc. (San Francisco, California)

Remote Job Industry: Education

Achievable Inc. is a digital education and test prep company that creates online study modules for university-level tests as well as professional certification exams. The company not only promises to deliver better test results in half the time but also guarantees students will pass their exams. Achievable is a small remote-enabled company that generally hires IT professionals for fully remote roles, like Remote Full-Stack JavaScript Developer.

Franco Muñoz Law Firm (Oakland, California)

Remote Job Industry: Legal

Franco Muñoz Law Firm is a legal services provider that offers clients legal representation for workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. The firm’s attorneys have more than two decades of combined legal experience in workers’ compensation and have handled more than 1,000 cases in the Bay Area and Northern California. This legal practice’s goal, according to its website, is “to make the workers’ compensation claim process as simple as possible” by customizing their legal representation offerings to suit the needs of each individual client.

AlpInsider (Hong Kong, China)

Remote Job Industry: Publishing

AlpInsider is a mountaineering content publication founded by mountaineering enthusiasts with a mission to provide expert advice to aspiring mountain-goers. The company’s website offers climbers information about gear options, techniques, and popular locations or adventures. Its writers have decades of experience in their areas of expertise, from mountain exploration and climbing to skiing and more.

NOMAD (Newport Beach, California)

Remote Job Industry: Information Technology

NOMAD is a software development company providing businesses with cloud-based tools for digital asset management, discovery, and distribution. Its intuitive cloud-based platform is powered by Amazon Web Services AI technology designed to help clients easily manage, enrich, and distribute their content libraries. NOMAD’s solutions suit every industry, but especially potential clients in the corporate, media and entertainment, worship, and public sectors.

Smith.Ai, Inc. (Los Altos, California)

Remote Job Industry: Business Services is a business services and process outsourcing company that offers clients outsourcing solutions for customer service, scheduling, call center operations, and web chatting. The company’s features and services include 24/7 phone answering, live website chat, SMS text answering, lead screening and intake, and more. also touts outreach calls and campaigns services to speed-up sales and support. Its virtual receptionists work from home on flexible schedules.


FastExpert, Inc. (San Marino, California)

Remote Job Industry: Real Estate

FastExpert, Inc. operates a website for finding real estate agents. The company’s platform helps home buyers and sellers compare local agents based on rankings and reviews. Since 2014, FastExpert has been trusted by over 500,000 clients to search, compare, and hire the best real estate agents. Its core company values include passion, continued education, fast execution, teamwork, idea-sharing, and fun! And their mission? According to its website, the goal of FastExpert is to “grow our business with the same goal of providing customers with the best experience possible.”

Almiranta Corporation (Montreal, Canada)

Remote Job Industry: Information Technology

Almiranta Corporation is a provider of practical, cost-saving software in SaaS form. Its platform helps medium and large businesses manage their capital expenditure, energy savings, and more. This Canadian-based business employs a globally distributed management team of specialists from fields like procurement, information technology, construction, real estate lease management, and energy auditing.

NorthStar Insurance Services, Inc. (Needham, Massachusetts)

Remote Job Industry: Insurance

Since 1995, NorthStar Insurance Services, Inc. has served as an independently owned insurance company; in fact, NorthStar is one of the largest independent agencies in New England. The agency provides businesses with employee benefits, property insurance, and risk management services while taking a local, hands-on approach to serving clients. Despite its hands-on approach, the company is also telecommute-friendly, including hiring for fully remote positions, such as Remote Commercial Lines Account Manager.

Top 10 States for Remote Work from Home Jobs

Among all job postings published to the Virtual Vocations job board during Q3, most were for remote jobseekers living in these states. Explore the Virtual Vocations Remote Work Resources by State Directory to learn more about working from home in your state or click any of the hyperlinked state names below to learn more about remote work options in those locations including companies hiring remote workers.

1. Florida

2. Texas

3. South Carolina

4. Wisconsin

5. Indiana

6. Missouri

7. Pennsylvania

8. Arizona

9. Georgia

10. Idaho

Top 10 Job Categories for Remote Work from Home Jobs

Virtual Vocations posts remote job openings across nearly 40 career fields. From July through September, most remote vacancies shared by our Employer Partners represented these 10 job industries.

1. Administrative

In-Demand Remote Administrative Job Titles:

2. Information Technology

In-Demand Remote Information Technology Job Titles:

3. Customer Service

In-Demand Remote Customer Service Job Titles:

4. Education

In-Demand Remote Education Job Titles:

5. Management

In-Demand Remote Management Job Titles:

6. Writing

In-Demand Remote Writing Job Titles:

7. Sales

In-Demand Remote Sales Job Titles:

8. Research

In-Demand Research Job Titles:

9. Healthcare

In-Demand Remote Healthcare Job Titles:

10. Legal

In-Demand Remote Legal Job Titles:

Contact Information for the “Remote Work from Home Jobs: 2022 Q3 Employer Partners Report”

Inquiries about the Virtual Vocations Q3 report for 2022 on companies hiring for remote work from home jobs can be made to Kimberly Back, Senior Job Data Content Producer, at kim (at) virtualvocations (dot) com.

Please visit Virtual Vocations social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest for additional remote work content and conversations.

Image credits: Canva; Virtual Vocations images by Kimberly Back

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